Friday, August 28, 2009

NO Pub Crawl This Sunday


Due to a profound lack of apparent interest, the Pub Crawl that was to be this Sunday is no more.

We'll catch you again some other time.



David said...

If you need beer and cycling feel free to join our tour in Southland NZ this February. There will be many a brewery to impede and improve progress. Emersons mighty Pilsner hails from that area.

Monte said...

i think you should put your energy into something more constructive like the 2nd annual winter pub crawl. Lets start earlier so I can wake up the next day with out a hang over.

Don said...

I enjoyed that first Pub Peddle you arranged. Who was the guy on the unicycle? He was wild. Temps are dropping, leaves will be turning, time for another? You did an awesome job with prizes and routing - I walked away with a t-shirt and had a great time.