Friday, August 21, 2009

Gauging Public Support for Pub Crawl on August 30

I'm thinking of launching another pub crawl for Sunday, August 30. Short notice, yes, but check out the schedule. It's worth making time for.

Tentative Schedule
Stop 1: Surly Brewing for tour and samples.
Stop 2: Grumpy's NE
Stop 3: Pracna on Main
Stop 4: Stub and Herbs
Stop 5: Busters on 28

I've not checked with any of the establishments except Surly, so the stops are subject to change.

Email me or comment here if you are interested and can make it. I'd like to have a rough idea of how many cyclers we'd be looking at.


1 comment:

Monte said...

family in town on short notice hope you have a great time.