Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Bike Alert

Big news in Lanville.

I gots me a Surly Pugsley.

It's white with mud and road dirt highlights. It's mostly stock but I had Mongo add twist grip shifters (which completely transformed it for the better) a rack and, as you can see, a frame pack.

My physical condition has not allowed me to thrash it as much as it deserves, but if slow and unsteady wins any races, I'm a winner.

I find it remarkably comfortable and have done a couple of 25 mile days on it. So far it's not drawn blood, but I'm sure it's plotting my downfall even as we speak. The false sense of security that it engenders will surely be my undoing at some point, but for now I'm enjoying life on the hairy edge.

Perhaps the biggest transformation is that it allows, encourages and requires that you look at your environment differently than while riding "normal" bikes. Limitations on where you can ride, or when, are largely gone. Railbeds, narrow trails, big rocks, little rocks, snow, ruts, dirt track or gravel are all fair game.

For sure it's a fun winter bike, but I suspect that my Pugsley and me will have a year-round relationship.