Sunday, December 21, 2008

So We Kicked Winter In The Ass

A hardy group of fellows gathered Saturday to kick winter in the ass, eat a hearty breakfast and scatter to the snow-driven winds.

My camera shot craps half way through the ride, but I rather liked the blurry, surreal photos it took so here they are.

First our "paceline". The photo was taken just after I used my hot breath to thaw out the camera so it would function. It is a blurry photo, but captures the essential character of the day. Wind driven snow and all that.
Second is Ron humping his orange Bianchi up a drifted path. Monte made it the furthest up this hill, but nobody made it all the way.
And finally we see The Mighty Jim, Stumpjumper hoisted on his shoulder as he mutters his way straight up the hill. As to what he was muttering, I can only guess. The blades of the lens protector did not retract fully in this shot. I like the effect.

1 comment:

Jim Thill said...

Muttering? I thought I was singing pleasantly!