Friday, December 26, 2008

Shrink Not From The Pale Icy Grasp Of Winter

A multitude of nice sledding hills can be conquered within a two mile radius of Casa Del Hoffa Norte. It occurred to me that The Longbike would be a suitable conveyance to take Jasper and a sled and, lo! it is. The photo above was taken after our first foray into the world of xtracycle sledding, and it was a hoot. Just today we took trip #2 and it was even more fun.

Last Tuesday I had to return an empty keg and a pair of keg pumps. The Longbike, once again, proved completely up to the task. The 18 mile round trip was easy as could be and The Longbike handled better with the load than without. I'm strongly considering carrying two small bags of sand for winter traction, just like I used to do with my 1984 Chevy S-10.

I Shall Shrink Not From The Pale Icy Grasp Of Winter!


bother yam said...

I have, but now the cracking of sclerotic fingers ring around me.

Winter has lost its hold on me...

KM said...

for a traction suggestion, go here.

Nor for the faint of heart.