Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is Good Beer Recession Proof?

As I watch the Dow plummet—again—this Veteran's Day, I wonder about the long-held view that good beer, unlike many things in a soft economy, is resistant to recession.

The beer I sell (which you can see here) is some of the most expensive in the world. Being from Holland, England, Germany and Belgium, it costs a lot to get it to the US and it's not cheap to begin with. The result is an adult beverage at the "top of the range" as the Brits say.

I've been selling such beer for almost 14 years and have noticed no drop-off in hard times. These may be the hardest times of all, and it's too early to know for sure, but it looks like another down-turn without much effect on the import beer business.

So maybe some things, minor vices maybe, ARE resistant to recession. But I keep looking for the monsters in the closet.

On a totally different topic, if you have the wherewithal to do so, offer a small toast to the men and women in history that have given their service to our country. Thank you, veterans!

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