Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All Kinds of Sexy

It's really the only way to explain DeuS, Brut des Flandres.

I was reminded of it while doing a "class" at the Four Firkins on Monday evening. 35 avid (some rabid) beer enthusiasts crowded the shop to hear me hold forth on Belgian Beer Culture. Really it was nothing more than a collection of hopefully illustrative and entertaining anecdotes about my travels in Belgium as related to Things Beer. From the crowd reaction it was successful. Everyone seemed to have a pleasant time in a cozy shop filled with good beer and friendly people.

As usual, a highlight was the opening and serving of DeuS. There is nothing like this, the Queen of Beers and I thought it was tasting particularly seductive, even from a plastic cup. Flavors of pepper, lavender, anise and a flowery, perfumed nose worked their magic on me and I was rendered momentarily speechless. From the irresistably festive POP of the cork to the final voluptuous sip, DeuS is a many-splendored treat, worthy of a bit of internet beer porn.

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