Monday, October 27, 2008

This Time It May Stick

Dear Gentle Reader,

I've started five or six blogs over the years, only to kill them dead before hitting the "Publish Post" button.

Two things have always stick in my craw about starting my own blog.

1. Who in hell would want to read my ramblings?
2. Why in hell would I want to write any of my ramblings down?

But then I started reading other people's blogs and—having noticed that some of them actually are fun, helpful or insightful—decided to man up and push that "Publish Post" button this time.

In my day job I am an importer of beer. Some very good beers. I may write about them or I may write about some other aspect of beer or the business of importing and selling same. It's a big area and it might be interesting.

The title "A Full Pannier" stems from my interest in bicycles and bicycling and hints at my particular viewpoint as a cyclist. You won't find discussion of racing or racing-style bikes here, my friends. Nothing could bore me more. You might find that this here pannier is full of food or beer, or maybe the spoils of a hunting/gathering expedition to Target or a local thrift store.

The point is: the pannier is always full and there is always something to say about it's contents.


Jim Thill said...

You have an uncommon wit. It would be a shame if you didn't share it with the rest of the internet zombies in the world.

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