Thursday, October 30, 2008

The New Bulldog

Wednesday night the new Bulldog opened and I, along with many of the MSP-based beerfolk, were there to welcome Matt and Co. latest into the world.

It's a big space with a big bar and many, many good beers. For such a large place, the Mens room is oddly undersized. One sitter and one stander don't seem to be adequate, but time will tell. It's an airy, well-lit space with heaps of windows and nice wooden floors. For such a large room, it's pretty welcoming, but I could imagine that when empty it'll seem really cavernous.

I like working with the Bulldog people. They are loyal and they keep beer on tap long enough to find a clientele, if a clientele can be found. Pete, who manages the bar at the Lyndale location, is a terrific guy who has turned many people onto great beer. Chris and Amy at NE are hardworking, focused folks who are always pushing to bring the best beer and food to their customers. Kelly, who works at Lyndale, put in a lot of overtime helping to get things ready at Lowertown, and her attention to detail shows. Matt, who is the ringleader of this whole bunch, just sort of lets his people do their thing. It all hangs together and I thank them for their good, hard work. They are all wonderful to work with and I wish them all the best!

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