Thursday, January 28, 2010

Map and Schedule (As It Is) For Pedal Pub Crawl Sunday

Here it is, the official map of the 2nd Annual Winter Pedal Pub Crawl, now with 100% St. Paul content.

• Starts at noon, Muddy Pig (at Selby and Dale). They will offer us a $6 lasagna special to provide strength, carbohydrates, cheese and booze-soaking ability. They know how cyclists roll.

• Time are approximate.

• Prizes are to be awarded more or less at random. Acts of kindness may be rewarded. Make me laugh and maybe win a prize. Might do a drawing.

• Bring cash. Don't irritate the bartenders with goddamned credit cards.

• Try to avoid being a drunk dope until the last stop, if you must be a drunk dope. This is meant to be a social thing. A pint an hour sort of deal, not a sprint to lasting brain damage.

• Wear appropriate clothing, bring a light. Be smart, think ahead.

• Invite your friends!

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