Saturday, May 23, 2009

Smokey and the Bandit, Part 3

Hauled much beer and a six-year-old on this rig today.

Got much respect from a fixie rider.

He was right to respect.

1 case of PBR cans
4 pack Surly Furious
12 pack Sierra Nevada Summerfest
6 pack Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
6 pack Two Brothers Dog Days
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Friday, May 8, 2009

May 17 is Pub Crawlicious

We are going to do it again, folks. It's time for a CollaboRide©!

Jim Ebel of Two Brothers Brewing and I will be conducting a short, sweet pub crawl on Sunday, May 17. Here's the map:

We will get started somewhere around 3:30 at the Gastro Non Grata event taking place at the Modern Cafe. Read more about that event at the link and come down if you can. It'll be great.

More details (and possibly more to come):

When: Sunday, May 17 about 3:30 PM. Maybe 4:00. It depends on how awesome the rock is.

Where: Starts at the Modern Cafe as part of Gastro Non Grata. By all means check out the details of their event if you like good food, good beer and local music. It will be delicious for mind and soul. This is the spiritual first stop of the pub crawl.

Who: Anybody. Lanny Hoff from Artisanal Imports will be the Squad Leader.

What: Here are the stops.
(0) The Modern Cafe (site of Gastro Non Grata)
(1) Erte (which is just down the block)
(2) The Sample Room
(3) Grumpy's NE
(4) Bulldog NE
(END) Pracna on Main

We will be riding with Jim Ebel, one of the Two Brothers in Two Brothers Brewing, Warrenville, IL. There will be specials on his beer as well as some Artisanal Imports specials. Maybe even some food stuff. Maybe more stops.

Q. Why is the route so short?
A. Because Mr. Ebel is not a avid cycler and I don't want to impinge on his bliss by riding too many miles. If you want to ride more, ride more. This is a loosey-goosey deal here, Mel.

Q. Is this a kid friendly event?
A. Not really. Unless Junior will sport a round, then by all means.

Q. Will there by door prizes?
A. Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. So if something does come your way, it's a bonus and I expect smiles and genuine gratitude.

Q. What if it's raining?
A. Some hardy souls will still ride, I'm sure. So if the weather is uncooperative, flip the sky the bird and rawk on. Mr. Ebel and I may retire the the comfort of the Family Cruiser, but rest assured that we will have love and respect in our hearts for you intrepid Minnesotans who choose to ride.

Q. Who do I contact about this?
A. Lanny at

Q. What if I don't drink?
A. Dehydration can kill you faster than fast, so by all means DRINK SOMETHING! It need not be alcoholic.

Q. Are you concerned about safety?
A. Not really. I reckon that anyone who would make the scene is an adult and will take charge of their own stuff. Bring a light, bring a helmet, bring a lock, bring the normal gear that you would do to ride when it gets dark. Don't be dumb and don't endanger yourself or anyone else.

Q. Can you tell me about when you will be at each stop?
A. No. We'll start between 4 and 5 and spend 45 minutes to an hour at each stop, maximum. More at the last one. So if you want to jump into the middle, go to one of the spots and look around. See a bunch of bikes out front? You found us. No bikes? Look for tiny shreds of spandex, handlebar tape and the tell-tale spoor of chain grease. If you see it, then we have already been there. If the bartenders don't look traumatized, then we have not yet arrived. There is a rudimentary map attached, for your guidance.

Q. Is there a map?
A. Yes. See above.

Q. What is a CollaboRide©?
A. An bike ride in which two members of the beer world get together for mutual fun and benefit. It's all the rage, now.